Block! Hexa Puzzle™ for PC

Block! Hexa Puzzle™ for PC

Discover your new addiction!
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About Block! Hexa Puzzle™ For PC

On this page you can download Block! Hexa Puzzle™ and install on Windows or MAC systems using an Android emulator software.

First you will download Block! Hexa Puzzle™ APK file by selecting a version.

Second, download an Android emulator.

Now run the downloaded .APK file using the emulator.

This should install the Block! Hexa Puzzle™ on your PC or MAC.

🔷🔶Block! Hexa Puzzle🔷🔶
Move the blocks to fill the blanks & collect block pieces to level up!

One simple mission: Simply drag the given hexa blocks to fit into blank space!

• Arrange them to fill in the entire frame!
• Note that hexa blocks cannot be rotated!
• No time limit, stress-free! You can pick up where you've left off!

•A Simple gameplay to get used to in seconds, but levels can be very tricky & challenging!
•Thousands of unique levels to get your brain going all day long! What a BRAIN stretch!
•Don't forget to get your daily rewards & earn even more award with SPECIAL QUESTS!
•Stunning, colorful graphics & themes for pure enjoyment & excitement!
•Perfect brain-teasing game & perfect for little pocket of time

• Block! Hexa Puzzle™ contains the ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
• Block! Hexa Puzzle™ is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items, such as Ad- free and hints.

We value your feedback! Please ask away!
Please contact us at [email protected]

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Download Block! Hexa Puzzle™

Block! Hexa Puzzle™ for PC

Block! Hexa Puzzle™ for PC

Discover your new addiction!